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Catapultian Launch New Resource Hub

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Today we bring you an announcement from Catapultian regarding the launch of a brand new nonprofit resource hub.


Catapultian is an organisation that believes real solutions can only be achieved through innovation, entrepreneurship, and the development of mission-based businesses. Late last year they launched Catapultian Resource Hub, a tool to help nonprofits become more financially self-sustaining.


Catapultian was founded and is operated on a simple principle: the pervasive nonprofit model of relying on perpetual grants and donations is ultimately not sustainable. This model (1) leaves revenue excessively vulnerable to exogenous variables unrelated to the demand for or delivery of services, and (2) is counterproductive to the development of long-term, sustainable solutions to the problems nonprofits work to solve.

“Nonprofit leaders need resources that are accurate, insightful, and relevant.”

All materials for the Resource Hub were developed over the past two years through Catapultian’s advisory work with large, existing nonprofits throughout New York State as well as extensive input from nonprofit and business experts from across the USA.


“Our belief in the importance of earned income as a revenue stream for a nonprofit organization led us to publish all of the resources that we’ve gathered. We think having all this information open access will give more organizations the ability to begin exploring earned income ventures of their own,” explained Max Evans, Catapultian co-founder.


Building on this, Catapultian’s other co-founder, Josh Kovler, stated that “Nonprofit leaders have unique resource needs—they’re at the helm of some of the most essential organizations in the world—they need resources that are accurate, insightful, and relevant. We spent considerable time and resources not only to address issues of navigability and readability, but also to continue to ensure the quality and relevance of subject matter.”


You can check out Catapultian’s Resource Hub here.

Many thanks to Max for sharing the work of Catapultian with the Markets For Good community. Be sure to follow them on Twitter for future updates, and let them know what you think of their Resource Hub.


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