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Sunand Menon

Sunand Menon is President of New Media Insight and has spent the last decade incubating and scaling information ventures in a variety of industries such as Financial Services, Media, and Healthcare. He was the founder and Managing Director of Thomson Reuters Indices, and was responsible for the roll-out of Thomson Reuters Business Classification. Previously, he also served as Global Head of Business Development at Lipper where he spearheaded its growth across the Data, Information and Knowledge sectors.

Posts by Sunand Menon

The “What” and The “How” of Big Data

Here’s a discussion on big data and analytics and their potential application within the social sector. Sunand Menon walks through the landscape, adding further comment on analysis (the skills we’re using to make sense of data) and analytics (the tools being developed to help that work.) This kind of exploration is important given that the […]

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From Raw Data to Informed Decisions: What We Can Learn From the Financial Sector

The complexity of the “data” question is evident to the point of new cliché. Regardless of whether it is cliché or not, we have to deal with it. After any given round of wrestling with the question, we can often sense ways forward that are simple, powerful, and counterintuitive. That’s a small consolation en route […]

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