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Steve Wright

Steve Wright has worked for more than 15 years at the intersection of technology and education. Before joining Grameen Foundation in August 2010, he served for a number of years as the Director of Innovation and Technology at Foundation. While there, he established himself as a thought leader in the social metrics space through extensive experience working with organizations such as the Acumen Fund, GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network) and members of ANDE (Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs).

Posts by Steve Wright

“Coronating Value (Dethroning Profit)”: An Interview with Steve Wright, Grameen Foundation

In a recent article for Forbes/Skoll World Forum, Can Financial Markets Be Good?, Steve Wright, Vice President, Poverty Insights  for Grameen Foundation, proposes “coronating value (dethroning profit)” as a way to correct the “profit v. social impact” debate. There is a lot of theoretical discussion on the business models implied by this thought, but what’s […]

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The Customer is King

Steve Wright, Vice President, Poverty Tools and Insights at Grameen Foundation joins the discussion we raised yesterday on beneficiary insight. There, we addressed an article published in Alliance Magazine by David Bonbright, expressing the concern that Markets For Good may go wrong, arguing that “beneficiaries are not part of the enterprise in a direct or […]

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