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Sahadeva Hammari

Sahadeva (Saha) Hammari is a noted entrepreneur and designer and the CEO of, a platform for cross-disciplinary collaborations. Collabfinder helps people collaborate on projects by enabling them to easily find others with the skills and interests that fit. Among other achievements, Collabfinder has partnered with New York City to run the highly regarded competition, NYC BigApps, an annual competition to build applications that solve real city problems.

Posts by Sahadeva Hammari

The Missing Voices in Open Data Discussions

There is an excitement and focus on the potential of open data; but, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a good number of people in the trenches developing sharper thought and faster iterations – trying to build an infrastructure (business models, components, skills, etc.) that can help sustain the good work. This is a full […]

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