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Peter York

Pete has extensive experience as a social worker on-the-ground, as a consultant and researcher in the evaluation and nonprofit fields as well as a national spokesperson for social impact issues. For nearly 20 years, Pete has specifically developed and led social impact evaluations and evaluative learning tools and systems. He founded Algorhythm in 2013 and is their CEO.

Posts by Peter York

Are Proxy Buyers Stunting the Growth of the Nonprofit Economy?

  The market engine behind our nonprofit service economy is the act of funders and donors “proxy buying” a service or program on behalf of a population. Analogous to “in loco parentis,” where a school plays the role of the parent while children are in their care, in the nonprofit sector, we have “in loco […]

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Become a Driver of Impact Learning

  I pointed out in my previous post in Markets for Good that we now have the technology to seed an impact sharing economy, not unlike Uber and Lyft, where every service organization, funder, capacity builder, intermediary and researcher can serve as an impact learning “driver”.   Our new Impact Learning Technology is best explained […]

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Uber Holds the Key to Disrupting Our Impact Measurement Elitism

  I started my social impact career at the age of 21, and for 7 years I worked on the frontlines as a mental health clinician, substance abuse counselor, and case manager for the homeless. While serving as a case manager, I had a transformational moment. I was invited to a community meeting where the […]

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An Alternative To RCTs

  Last week, in my post ‘Should Controlled Trials Be The Standard for Impact Measurement?’ I examined the effectiveness of randomised  controlled trials (RCTs). I presented the case for why the validity of RCTs as the gold standard and Holy Grail of impact measurement is, at the least, up for debate. To enhance the discussion, […]

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Should Controlled Trials Be The Standard for Impact Measurement?

  The Holy Grail for anyone who develops, invests in, funds and/or runs a social program is to prove that their intervention creates a positive change for all who are served. The randomized controlled trial (RCT) is the industry gold standard amongst all evaluation methods currently used in the social sector. In this, the first […]

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