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Michelle Greanias

Michelle Greanias joined GMN as its first Executive Director in May, 2008. She served as a board member from 1996-2001 and as Co-Chair from 1998-2001. Prior to GMN, Michelle served as Managing Director of Grants, Loans, and Procurement at the Fannie Mae Foundation, leading a grants management team which supported $45 million in annual grants. She also led the servicing of the Foundation’s $20 million affordable housing loan fund and managed employee giving programs for more than 5,000 employees.

Posts by Michelle Greanias

Funders—Try Completing Your Own Online Applications and Reports

Born out of 1950’s moon shots, our modern tech identity is understandably replete with technology as the wonderful, sole solution, followed by success, for sure, but also by a bunch of Frankenstein’s monsters, which we then try to fix with more technology. We knew the folly of this back then; or, at least Rod Serling […]

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