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Mark Arnoldy

Mark Arnoldy is Executive Director of Nyaya Health. After nearly dying on his first trip to Nepal from a lack of access to health care following a severe allergic reaction, Mark was afforded a rare glimpse of empathy with the millions of Nepalis denied care in their own country. He then commited to a life of building health systems alongside Nepal’s poorest through Nyaya Health. Prior to Nyaya Health, Mark founded NepalNUTrition to treat malnourished children and advised the creation of two blended value businesses in the United States.

Posts by Mark Arnoldy

“Transparent Until It Hurts”

Markets For Good is pleased to welcome Mark Arnoldy, Executive Director of Nyaya Health,  a complex operation in that it operates on the front lines of a few themes we’ve covered: beneficiary insights, open data, nonprofit decision-making, and this month’s theme, data privacy, among others. It was Mark’s own experience of getting sick and nearly […]

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