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Lara Mossler

Lara Mossler, of BureauBlank, specializes in digital strategy that solves problems for infrastructure, education, energy and government sectors. She is an author on several Psychology research reports presented at professional conferences.

Posts by Lara Mossler

Money Where Your Mouth Is: “Why Data Visualization Needs To Articulate Performance”

The discipline of data visualization (dv) is evolving quickly, but there’s no excuse for leaving behind the first and toughest question: Performance – i.e. the reason we’re here… to change lives. In this brief, well-researched blog post, Lara Mossler of BureauBlank, takes it to the streets, well, the streets of Massachusetts, on the backdrop of […]

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Cross-Cutting Work: From Data Silos to Civic Application

There’s a good bit of (proper) railing against silos, but have we considered why they’re sometimes so comfortable? They serve an isolated efficiency in a functional area and the positive results of “business as usual” can lull an organization away from innovating when narrow but visible goals are met. Adding to that, there’s another, often […]

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