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Joy Saunders

Joy Saunders is the Chief Executive Officer of Integrity Action, a UK based NGO that seeks to build integrity in some of the world’s most challenging settings. She has presented in various fora on the importance of metrics and measuring impact in the Anti-corruption field and she sits as the civil society representative for the OECD Anti-Corruption Task Team.

Posts by Joy Saunders

Interview: Community Integrity Building in Palestine and Kenya

  Building trust is key to ensure aid goes where it should when providing foreign aid to communities around the world. Integrity Action works to empower citizens to act with and demand integrity, and recently released two new videos about their work in Palestine and Kenya. We sat down and talked to Joy Saunders, Chief […]

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Case Study: Constructive engagement in the Matema Water Project, Kenya.

  Arnold Kipchirchir completed his Community Integrity Building training with National Taxpayers Association in August 2015 and was allocated a water project in Matema, Nandi province. Matema is a prime example of just how drastically projects can stall and how long delays can go unresolved without dedicated resource or individuals working to bring the various […]

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Case study: High School students demand integrity while challenging their local leaders to make their roads safe, Palestine.

  In September 2014, Teachers Creativity Centre (TCC) identified Tammoun Secondary Girls as a partner for an extra-curricular Community Integrity Building programme (referred to as a ‘Social Audit’ by TCC) for young Palestinians. Miss Rita Sala Marou’m, teacher “I think it is really important that the girls’ education takes them from theoretical learning into practical […]

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How Do We Solve a Problem Like Corruption?

    Around USD $1 trillion a year, that’s the amount of money that is (conservatively) estimated to be lost each year due to corruption, fraud and mismanagement (BMZ, 2011). That’s an incomprehensible number, but it’s clear that this huge sum of money, if used effectively, could have a transformational impact on the world’s economy, […]

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The Next Big Transformation in Development Aid?

  I will start with a confession: I believe in development aid. I like that governments and institutions are committed to help those less fortunate than me and the way that this is formalised in overseas development aid (ODA).[1] I have the privilege of working for Integrity Action, an organisation that works in developing and […]

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