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Jody Madala

Jody Madala is founder of Madala Health, a healtchare consultancy that builds bridges between large U.S. academic medical centers and partners around the world, specializing in sub-Saharan Africa. She is a former Institutional Investor ranked hospital analyst with an 18-year career in the U.S. financial markets. Jody also shares her expertise in healthcare finance and policy analysis, training hospital managers and Board members everywhere, including Liberia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana and Zimbabwe.

Posts by Jody Madala

Jody Madala On Healthcare and Data Silos

Healthcare data is a perennial topic of interest, if only for the polemics that accompany healthcare policy. Surrounding the discussion is an implicit and explicit data infrastructure that determines who owns which data and how it flows between discrete entities and healthcare systems. We caught up with Jody Madala founder of Madala Health, in the […]

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