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Greta Knutzen

Greta Knutzen is an award winning social issue documentary film and television producer working with filmmakers and changemakers to create powerful stories and campaigns which inform, engage and inspire positive social impact. She has produced content for A&E, History Channel, National Geographic, Discovery, and others including the Emmy-winning Sex Slaves for PBS Frontline/Channel 4 UK and Overseas Press Club winning Impact of Terror for CNN/CBC. At The New School for Public Engagement, New York, Greta designed and taught the first undergraduate course to tackle the impact of the data revolution on New Media and Entertainment.

Posts by Greta Knutzen

“Ask The Experts” with Greta Knutzen: Data Visualization in the Social Sector

We present, in this first of a series of video interviews a tour of some of the sharpest work going on with data visualization in the social sector, spanning large-scale visualization efforts (e.g. for the UNHCR by our first subject, Hyperakt) to Beth Kanter giving another classic brief that leaves no one, regardless of budget size, with […]

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