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Ben Hecht

Ben Hecht has been the President & CEO of Living Cities since July, 2007. Since that time, the organization has adopted a broad, integrative agenda that harnesses the collective knowledge of its 22 member foundations and financial institutions to benefit low income people and the cities where they live.

Posts by Ben Hecht

Moving Theory Into Action with Open Data: Interview with Ben Hecht

The following mini-interview is a follow-up to this article: 5 Transformational Forces That Should Be Driving The Social Sector (But Aren’t). The web is full of insightful statements. It’s more difficult to find the discussions that follow them as they most often take place offline and in our heads. We appreciate this opportunity for a […]

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3 Reasons Why Open Data Will Change The World: A Real-Time View

We find ourselves in the flurry of activity that is to be expected of the dawn of any movement. On this ground, there is an equalizing factor as the social sector, business, and government are all staring into an opportunity that demands immediate ramping of high-quality data practice. In that sense, I don’t mind the […]

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