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Andrew Patricio

Andrew Patricio is the founder of Data Effectiveness Inc, focusing on helping organizations increase the return on their investment in data science and analytics. He previously was the most senior technical leader at DC Public Schools for 6 years where he led all work on data systems and data reporting. Prior to that he had an extensive career in consulting for both commercial and government clients. He no longer has hobbies other than sleep as he is busy with the data consulting company, two pre-schoolers, a pregnant wife, a sweet but very bad dog, and entirely too many youtube videos of puppies. He has a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois and holds unnecessarily strong opinions on science fiction TV shows from the 80’s.

Posts by Andrew Patricio

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

Most organizations seek to focus the majority of their spending on programs and services, with the result that infrastructure like IT is often neglected. It can be difficult to see any advantages of investments in technology until after entire systems have been implemented and integrated, but the disadvantages of inefficient IT can negatively impact the […]

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