Amanda Babine

Amanda is currently the Director of Evaluate for Change, which trains organizations, foundations, donors, and governmental social programs to use data and evaluation in their practice – building the capacity of the social sector from within. She has worked in the nonprofit field in both a direct practice and research capacity. She has evaluated large citywide pilot programs working at Columbia University and the City University of New York (CUNY). Before transitioning into a more quantitative role, she worked at the Center for the Study of Social Policy developing a youth well-being framework while conducting Participatory Action Research (PAR) with marginalized communities throughout New York City. Amanda holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Social Work from Columbia University.

Posts by Amanda Babine

Building a Culture of Evaluation: How to empower the social sector to put data to good use

Picture this: I’m standing in front of a room of dozens of social sector professionals, ranging from Executive Directors to program assistants, and I ask, as I often do, “Raise your hand if you have taken a statistics course before.” As usual, a majority of hands go up. “Now keep your hand up if you […]

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