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6 Major Shifts in Corporate Philanthropy, New Report Finds

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This week, we look at Forbes’ coverage of America’s Charities “Snapshot 2015: The New Corporate DNA - Where Employee Engagement and Social Impact Converge”.


Over the past two years, America’s Charities have seen an increasing shift in employee engagement and employee volunteerism. The Snapshot report finds that employee volunteerism has grown from a small, isolated task to one that has become a central component of company culture and employee engagement. Over the years, employers have made giving back a larger component to their work, corporate goals, and messaging.


Corporate philanthropy is becoming more and more integrated throughout the world, providing employees with an experience that is integrated with a company’s mission and vision. Forbes highlighted six major shifts in corporate philanthropy:


  1. Getting involved is an on-ramp to full engagement.
  2. If it’s not authentic, they will know.
  3. Leadership must be involved.
  4. Millennials are here, and they are company influencers.
  5. Large companies; move over and make room for small-to-midsize companies.
  6. Alignment of corporate goals, employee interests and nonprofit needs are essential.


The report provides a guideline for all companies, big or small, to reflect on their volunteer and giving programs. It also allows companies to measure and compare their effectiveness with their competitors. Overall, the end of the year report encourages companies to continue giving back and to create a culture that will impact their communities for a lasting legacy.



Read Forbes’ original article here.  


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