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30 Data Visualization Tools

Today we would like to share with you a simple but highly effective list of data visualization tools for your organization. Assembled by Fast Company, this list brings together all types of software, from fresh looking pie charts, data maps, through to more complex “build it yourself” data visualization tools.

The full list, courtesy of Fast Company, is available here.

Before we highlight some of our favorites, it is worth noting that many of these pieces of software are in beta stage. For those of us who are less tech savvy, that simply means they have a complete product, but are still ironing out small bugs and testing for performance. The joy is this is that many of these rich, data enhancing tools are free – for now.  It also highlights the demand from all industries for the creation and implementation of these tools. We all face the challenge of big data, and a very real part of that is how we effectively communicate the results and finding of our data.

Google, unsurprisingly are active in this space, with a real range of types of graphs, charts and maps, all of which come with simple sample coding, and explanations of how to build each data tool.

Axiis is a very striking data visualization tool, yet slightly more complex than Google’s offering. Similarly to Axiis, this JavaScript tool is equally vibrant, and remains free.

However, as a place to start, Raw offers not only dynamic data visualization, but video tutorials, and a drag and drop approach to uploading data, before turning it into something far more appealing than a spreadsheet.


Enjoy exploring the list, we hope it helps you in your search to better present your data. Let us know below or on Twitter which ones you think are the best, or if you have any experience or tips using them.