Many organizations care about data privacy but don't know where to begin. This beta tool will get you started.

Privacy Patterns is a simple, user-friendly tool designed to help non-profit organizations identify and prioritize actionable steps toward enhancing data privacy for their beneficiaries, staff, volunteers and donors.
How it works:

  • Enter a limited amount of information about your organization (none of this data is retained)
  • Explore actionable steps that address the specific data privacy needs of your organization

We welcome all user feedback on the tool, and we invite users to participate in a short survey about the site, content and workflow.
This tool was developed by a team led by Dr. Tracy Ann Kosa, a fellow at the Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford. The Privacy Patterns project emerged in response to increasing awareness around privacy issues associated with the collection, use and disclosure of personal information, combined with the lack of guidance or regulation for civil society organizations. Learn more about the project.