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Mapping Opportunity: Knowledge & Networks for Change

Listen to Lucy Bernholz, Catalina Escobar, Daniel Uribe, and Jake Garcia discuss the data-powered tools and services provided by Nodo Ká and Foundation Center to boost impact in the social sector.

One of the fundamental goals of Digital Impact is to advance the effective and responsible use of digital data and infrastructure for the benefit of the social sector at large.

In this critical time for civil society, nonprofits and donors need to grow their capacity for sharing and managing information and resources that support improved decision making, cooperation, and outcomes.

Digital Impact hosted a virtual roundtable to look at two data-driven initiatives that are working in this vein of building up the knowledge base and digital infrastructure for improving social sector performance and impact.

Catalina Escobar and Daniel Uribe of the Colombia-based nonprofit organization MAKAIA joined the panel to discuss the Nodo Ká platform, which offers opportunity mapping, a virtual marketplace, impact management tools, and other services to social sector organizations and donors across the Spanish-speaking world, including the U.S.

Jake Garcia of Foundation Center offered an inside look at Foundation Maps and other Foundation Center knowledge services that offer landscape surveys, analysis, data visualization, and more, for foundations and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

Moderated by Lucy Bernholz, Director of the Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford PACS, the panel discussed how they collect and manage data, engage and support users, and foster digital capacity building among social sector organizations. They also addressed some of the surprising outcomes they’ve seen, the implications for their work in different contexts across the global social sector, and what’s next for their platforms.

Watch the full discussion using the media player above, or listen to the podcast by using the audio player below or by visiting the Digital Impact podcast on iTunes.


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