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On Millennials & Data – An Interview with Nadira Hira

Nadira Hira is a journalist and author who has written for Fortune, Essence, and Smithsonian, among other publications. She is known as the go-to source for the doings of “Generation Y,” also known as “millennials.” Her forthcoming book is entitled Misled: How a Generation of Leaders Lost the Faith (And Just What You’ll Need to Get It Back). Markets For Good caught up with Nadira in the borough of Manhattan, New York City (amid a bit of coffee shop clamor on a rainy day) for a conversation on “Millennials & Data,” on the heels of having moderated MCON’13, a gathering of nonprofit, business and technology leaders focused on “harnessing the Millennial generation for good.” All data is certainly not digital, but, considering the tech weight of our time and their status as a digital-native generation, we thought it would not only be interesting but also vital to add this perspective to our discussion.

Turns out, there are, indeed, a few myths to deconstruct, to the benefit of us all as we work together for a new and sturdy information infrastructure for social data.

Thanks for watching! Eric J Henderson, Conversation Curator.