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GDPR Will ‘Forever Change’ Marketing, Say Digital Governance Experts

Digital experts Elie Auvray and Kristina Podnar have authored a 35-page guide for understanding GDPR and creating a plan for May 25, 2018 and beyond. Included in the guide are who is covered and what is different about the law, differences between B2B and B2C companies, types of exempt personal data, compliance strategies, and more.

Auvray and Podnar stress that it’s important for organizations to figure out how they can accomplish their marketing goals in this new reality. “It’s not something you do once, file away in a drawer, and never think about again,” they say. “Instead, it introduces a fundamental shift in the way businesses use personal data, one that will forever change common marketing activities.”

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Image by Samuel Zeller via Unsplash (CC BY 2.0)