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EDRi Launches Hub to Track Digital Rights Amid Pandemic

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EDRi's investigation of COVID-19 era surveillance includes recommendations from digital rights watchdog organizations.

European Digital Rights (EDRi) has compiled a list of articles at the intersection of the COVID-19 pandemic and digital rights. Updated regularly, this “document pool” will follow a wide range of surveillance measures employed in Europe, and include recommendations from digital rights watchdog organizations around the world.

From the EDRi website:

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic poses a global public health challenge of unprecedented proportions. In order to tackle it, countries around the world need to engage in coordinated, evidence-based responses grounded in solidarity, support and respect for human rights. This means that measures cannot lead to disproportionate and unnecessary actions. It is also vital that measures are not extended once we are no longer in a state of emergency. Otherwise, the actions taken under exceptional circumstances today can have significant repercussions on human rights both today and tomorrow.

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