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Announcing the Digital Impact World Tour

Data World Tour

The Digital Civil Society Lab presents the Digital Impact World Tour.

Digital data offers a world of possibilities for civil society to achieve greater impact – data transforms how we operate, interact and serve constituents.

At the same time, poorly-managed data can cause great harm. Civil society’s rising dependence on digital data and infrastructure has raised new ethical and governance challenges, generated a new set of regulatory actors, and made many organizations and employees feel overwhelmed by their lack of digital capacity. Many of the organizations and individuals working to find solutions to these problems remain isolated from one another.

Now is the time for stakeholders across the social sector to come together to consider the possibilities and responsibilities of using digital data ethically, safely and effectively for social good.

Hosted by Lucy Bernholz and Andrew Means, join data experts, academics, practitioners, and social sector leaders as we come together for a series of one-day conferences around the world in 2017, starting with the Data on Purpose/Do Good Data conference at Stanford University in February 2017.

Come together with local civil society actors in your city to share ideas, learn best practices, and help build a global network of organizations creating social impact in the digital age.

Click here for more information about dates, locations and our partners.

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