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Unsure about Data Privacy? These 4 Podcasts Will Help

Working with data hasn’t gotten any easier since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in May. While the European Union’s new regulation has put powerful enforcement mechanisms into place for the people who live there, there’s no simple answer for those outside the EU. Complicating things even…

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These 6 Nonprofits Are Leading on Data Privacy

Weeks ago, Lucy Bernholz alluded to an onslaught of privacy updates from providers working toward GDPR compliance. Digital Impact is following what popular web platforms are doing (and not doing) to ensure data privacy. We also think it’s helpful to see how the social sector is leading the charge. Here…

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Have We Put Too Much Faith In Numbers?

There’s a lot of talk about measuring what matters in nonprofits. Used responsibly, data can open a world of opportunity for purpose-driven organizations. But as we recently explored, there is evidence of how data does the opposite, either intentionally by malicious actors or through unintended consequences of well-intended actions. For…

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