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2018 Grant Applicants

Listed below are the applicants to the Digital Impact Grants 2018 cycle who agreed to share details about their proposed projects with the Digital Impact community and public at large. Digital Impact will share an interactive data visualization of these projects. You can also view applicants from 2016 and 2017.

21 Mirrors
Sector Advancement
The mission of 21 Mirrors is to analyze, rate, and report to the public about the policies of social networks, web browsers and email services regarding their consequences on civil liberties.
New Haven, CT United States

2-1-1 San Diego
Sector Advancement
Community Information Exchange Data Governance
2-1-1 relaunched the Community Information Exchange on a new technology platform, necessitating the development and documentation of the policies, procedures, and principles that govern data sharing.
San Diego, CA United States

1 Million Women To Tech
Sector Advancement
karma – Omnichannel Gamification of Constituent Engagement for Nonprofits
Find way to measure engagement in mixed online/offline nonprofit constituent communities across channels (email / forums / social media / chats / events) and best practices for effective intervention.
Oxford, United Kingdom

Accountable Now
Sector Advancement
Community generated data to make better decisions and close the feedback loop
To explore how the data from the communities that International Civil Society Organisations (ICSOs) work for and with can be the driving force for change and thus improve their work and impact.
Berlin, Germany

Africa Community Technical Service
Sector Advancement
Clean Water Data Digitization
ACTS seeks a small grant to fund the process of digitizing the contents of our two decades worth of archives and then sharing them to the benefit of the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) sector.
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

African Institute for Mathmatical Sciences
Machine Learning the GIS data for Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in Ethiopia
This project intends to develop a Machine Learning based data analysis pipeline to extract climate change adaption insights from historical GIS data.
Cape Town, South Africa

Alexandra Chudinova
Sector Advancement
Our Universe
This project is an interactive exhibition with special sound and meaningful/spiritual context.
Budapest, Hungary

Alternativas y Capacidades, A.C.
Sector Advancement
Fondos a la Vista (Funds in Plain Sight): information for Mexican Civil Society strengthening
Fondos a la Vista is a digital tool with data of +40,000 Mexican Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that helps improve evidence-based, decision-making processes of foundations and other stakeholders.
Mexico City, Mexico

Argument: Center for Policy Research
In our previous work, we have tried to create positive changes in society in an objective, principled relationship. We focused our work on the analysis and research of public policies in Serbia.
Prijepolje, Serbia

Baltimore Corps
Sector Advancement
Baltimore’s Social Impact Investments Digital Asset Map
Developing the city’s first holistic mapping of needs and assets to support better data-driven financial investments in Philanthropy.
Baltimore, MD United States

Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness
Sector Advancement
State Data Sharing Initiative
The State Data Sharing Initiative (SDS) seeks to improve public policy outcomes through greater sharing of state administrative records in support of rigorous policy analysis and program evaluation.
Arlington, VA United States

Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics
Data Literacy as a Collective Concept
An investigation of data literacy as a collective concept, in the context of Bangladeshi women farmers.
Caulfield East, Australia

City Tech Collaborative
Sector Advancement
Chicago Data Collaborative Criminal Justice Project
The Chicago Data Collaborative is a cooperative effort by newsrooms, academics, technologists and nonprofits to acquire data, share data, and build a complete picture of our criminal justice system.
Chicago, IL United States

Civic Hall Labs
Sector Advancement
Digital Skills Learning Program
This program offers digital literacy instruction to individuals from government and nonprofits, particularly those from and representing marginalized communities, to ultimately deepen their impact.
New York City, NY United States

Common Threads
Sector Advancement
Responsible Community-Based Organization and Healthcare Data Sharing for Collective Impact
Common Threads will create a best practice toolkit for community-based and healthcare organizations to responsibly share digital data in support of collective impact, efficiency, and client privacy.
Austin, TX United States

Concordia University
Increasing Local Capacity in National Nonprofit Data Ecosystems
This project will increase nonprofit organizations’ capacity to use and influence their national nonprofit data ecosystems based on observed regional patterns and global best practices.
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Derechos Digitales
Sector Advancement
Educational resources for responsible data management for Latin American NGOs and Civil Society Organizations
A collection of accessible resources with legal and technical information on how to manage personal data responsibly aimed to strengthen civil society organizations.
Santiago, Chile

Sector Advancement
Advancing Data Maturity through Cohort Model Capacity Building Interventions
DigitalC will develop a series of data capacity interventions to meet nonprofit organizations where they are to improve data maturity.
Cleveland, OH United States

Disaster Accountability Project
Sector Advancement
SmartResponse smartly curates “how to help” lists after disasters, incentivizing transparency by civil society organizations so donors can support groups with the greatest capacity to deliver aid.
Rockville, MD United States

Education Development Organization
Promoting social integration and tolerance with comprehensive syllabus on spirituality (a message of Sufi saints) with effective teaching practices University level education
The present research project is proposed to conduct qualitative and quantitative research on exploring the options which can address the complex phenomenon of extremism and fundamentalism.
Bhitshah Sindh, Pakistan

Education Innovators Kosova
Sector Advancement
Improve digital infrastructure in education department at local municipalities and support better data-informed and accountability for decision-making in the recruitment process of school staff.
Mitrovica, Kosovo

Sector Advancement
Developing a Collaborative CRM for Creative Youth Development
This project develops a Collaborative CRM for the nonprofit Creative Youth Development Sector to strengthen and advance the field by increased collaboration and ability to communicate overall impact.
Boston, MA United States

Enlightened Data
Sector Advancement
Enlightened Data Marketplace Data for Good
We aim to create is a marketplace for data scientists and organizations in the social sector, to connect and start projects using data science for good.
St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland

Fordham University
#DS4HS: Exploring the use of data science in nonprofit human services
Data Science For Human Services (#DS4HS) explores the use of data science in human services via a mixed methods project investigating how agencies use data science tools to meet their goals.
New York City, NY United States

Forest Peoples Programme
Sector Advancement
Community controlled data for community controlled forests
To consolidate and make accessible the community lands toolkit (website and map maker) to empower forest communities to gather, manage, control and publish the data they need to protect their forests.
Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Foundation “United Women” Banja Luka
Sector Advancement
Digital Data Base for Effective Social Response to Domestic Violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Development of comprehensive digital data base on cases of domestic violence to be used by protection and prevention services/institutions and provide systemic response and support to victims.
Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Inclusive and diverse open geospatial data through collaborative cartographies
This proposal seeks to generate open geospatial data that includes the needs of women through collaborative cartographies created by the OpenStreetmap (OSM) community and the Geochicas collective.
Diriamba Carazo, Nicaragua

Sector Advancement
Creating Cyber Security Awareness for NGO’s/CSO’s in Ghana
This project seeks to provide basic cyber security awareness education to staff and trustees of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Ghana.
Accra, Ghana

Sector Advancement
GLAAD Digital: Building LGBTQ-Inclusive Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Acceptance
The scalable pilot on Artificial Intelligence will create quantitative public datasets and qualitative research resources to preserve the digital lifeline for LGBTQ people on digital platforms.
New York City, NY United States

Sector Advancement
NJ Data Lab Implementation Plan
Designing the blueprint for a data lab to help the government and nonprofit organizations of the State of New Jersey use administrative data for improving delivery of public programs and services.
Brooklyn, NY United States

Hispanics in Philanthropy
Sector Advancement
From Data to Action: Analysis of Donor’s digital generosity trends towards Nonprofits supporting Latino Communities in the Americas
HIP will conduct an in-depth analysis of online giving trends, using data from our Latino-focused crowdfunding platform HIPGive, to help Latino nonprofits benefit from digital generosity.
Oakland, CA United States

Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley School of Law
Sector Advancement
Online Open Source Investigations in the Digital Age: A Model of Safe Practice for Remote-based Volunteer Networks
To strengthen the safe and effective use of sensitive data gathered from open sources by remote-based volunteer networks carrying out online investigations.
Berkeley, CA USA

Sector Advancement
Surveilled and Silenced: Defending Youth Rights Online
Building the basis for civil society collaborative action to safeguard young people from government and corporate surveillance, abusive data collection, and threats to their expression rights.
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Impact Justice
Sector Advancement
Justice Data Accountability Project
The Justice Data Accountability Project (JDAP) addresses growing concerns around the use of predictive algorithms and other big data systems in law enforcement decision making.
Oakland, CA United States

International Justice Resource Center
Sector Advancement
Accessible, Searchable, Secure: Improving Human Rights Bodies’ Online Communication
Leading a global coalition, we seek to develop and advocate implementation of shared, improved standards regarding the information communicated or received online by supranational human rights bodies.
San Francisco, CA United States

International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Sector Advancement
Exploring the Ethics of Displacement and Mobility Data Whilst Enhancing Safe Data Operations
Collaborative improvement of the theory, principles, and execution of Humanitarian data science for better accountability and efficacy.
London, United Kingdom

Internet Democracy Project
Sector Advancement
Promoting safe, ethical and efficient data use by social sector organisations in India
This project seeks to develop an introductory training module about safe, ethical and efficient data use for not-for-profits in India, that is grounded in Indian contexts and its specific needs.
New Delhi, India
Sector Advancement
Housing Data Coalition
The Housing Data Coalition is a community of organizations and individuals who collaborate on supporting tenant’s rights in NYC through data projects and technical assistance.
Brooklyn, NY United States

Sector Advancement
Digital Transformation Assessment and Advancement Tool for Civil Society Organizations
Design, develop and launch a Digital Transformation Assessment and Advancement Tool to help CSOs become more digital, and create an open data portal with information about the sector’s digital status.
Medellin, Colombia

Marcus Foster Innovation Institute
Sector Advancement
Strengthening Partnerships, Impact and Capacity Through the Use of an Intermediary Data Portal
Facilitate equitable access to college & career success for students by establishing a portal that collects, analyzes and shares data from students, K-12 and post secondary institutions and industry.
Oakland, CA United States

Mbale Sports Club
Sector Advancement
ICT Knowledge & Skills for Rural Social Economic Empowerment
The project provides improved knowledge and skills in ICT usage to allow rural entrepreneurs interact more efficiently with agricultural markets for social economic empowerment.
Mbale, Uganda

Mini Global Hetaved Skills Networks
Sector Advancement
Hetaved E-skills for Digital Entrepreneurship Education
The Hetaved E-skills for Digital Entrepreneurship Education is a specialized training, mentoring and empowerment unit in the area of Digital education and works revolutions in line with the UN SDGs.
Oleh, Nigeria

Open Knowledge Nepal
Sector Advancement
Open Data Nepal
Open Data Nepal – a civil society initiative to make Nepal’s data accessible online perpetually to achieve sustainable development through the use of data.
Kathmandu, Nepal

Open Media Foundation
Sector Advancement
Open.Media: Small Government Case Study
We will promote our free Open.Media service for small governments and conduct a case study to identify and promote best practices for transparency and civic engagement in this sector.
Denver, CO United States

Oxfam America Inc
Sector Advancement
Developing adaptable and transferrable guidance on safe and responsible technology and data management for local humanitarian actors
Co-designing, developing and rolling out resources to build local actor capacity to manage data and engage with new technologies in sustainable, appropriate and ethically responsible ways.
Boston, MA United States

PeopleForBikes Foundation
Sector Advancement
Bicycle Network Analysis Code Translation
PeopleForBikes will translate the existing Bike Network Analysis (BNA) code into a user-friendly Python package, placing the power of the BNA in the hands of bicycle analysts and advocates worldwide.
Boulder, CO United States

Piton Foundation
Sector Advancement
Enhancing Shift’s Open Data Ecosystem to Benefit Colorado’s Social Sector
Shift Research Lab (Shift) is developing an Open Data Ecosystem with metadata and API components that will allow Colorado’s social sector to better leverage data to tackle pervasive social issues.
Denver, CO United States

Pomozimo Djeci
Sector Advancement
Development of the Web Site and Data Basis of the Center of Asthma and Allergies
Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pratt Center for Community Development
Sector Advancement
The Community Data Patchwork Initiative
The Community Data Patchwork Initiative is a 3-year effort to identify data collected by and about local communities, create standards & practices for data sharing, and build a sharing infrastructure.
Brooklyn, NY United States

Pro Bono Net
Sector Advancement
Using Data to Inform Outreach for Immigrant Empowerment
IAN will implement a new data tool for strategic outreach to undocumented immigrants in underserved areas; and share our findings to help the field develop data-based strategies.
New York City, NY United States

PSU Foundation
Sector Advancement
Building GIS Capacity in Community Development Nonprofits
Provide geospatial training and support to Living Cully resulting in a comprehensive database and map of properties that meet criteria to make them good candidates for affordable housing development.
Portland, OR United States

Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science
Sector Advancement
Community Data Privacy Toolkit
The Community Data Privacy Toolkit (CDPT) is a set of web-based data management tools for privacy-first, user-friendly data input, archiving, and sharing among social sector organizations.
New Orleans, LA United States

Relevant Science & Technology Society, Bangladesh
Sector Advancement
Review of major telemedicine service providers in Bangladesh and development of processes for cross platform sharing of data
Heeding to privacy and security issues, this project will try to achieve sharing of patient data among major telemedicine service providers in Bangladesh who use separate methods and software.
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sector Advancement
Reducing farmer organizations’ transaction costs with cost-effective digital management of business intelligence
Boost the potential and commercial reliability of farmer organizations with easy-to-use digital systems that manage their business intelligence accurately and transparently.
Leuven, Belgium

Social Ventures Australia
Sector Advancement
SVA Fundamentals for Impact Digital Project
SVA will develop an interactive digital tool to help nonprofit sector organizations to be more effective and measure effectiveness, based on an existing prototype, the SVA Fundamentals for Impact.
Sydney, NSW Australia

Students of Granada A NJ Nonprofit Corp
Sector Advancement
Digital Literacy & Girls’ Robotics open Access to Professional Opportunities: Collaborative development & implementation of Nicaraguan Public School Model by Educators, Students, & Parents
We are piloting a digital literacy & girls robotics program in the largest public school in Granada, Nicaragua to open access to secondary education and well-paying jobs & the virtual workplace.
Jersey City, NJ United States

Syracuse University
Making Good(s): Social Entrepreneurs in Health and Development
This project studies different actors and narratives that constitute digital healthcare entrepreneurship and how multiple ideas of wellness, care and humanitarianism are constituted.
Syracuse, NY United States

Sector Advancement
Tech4Good India – Fellows, Labs & Helpdesk
Helping Small and Remote NGOs in India to use technology confidently and effortlessly
Bengaluru, India

The Institute for Law and Philanthropy, Tel Aviv University
Applying Data Science to The Study of Grant Making Organizations: An Exploratory Research
This research introduces advanced analytical data mining tools and techniques to develop the study of grant making organizations and their philanthropic activity.
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Thriving Cities Group
Sector Advancement
Thriving Cities Group: Community Voice & Investment Project
Community Voice and Investment Project is designed to build civic capacity and amplify the role of local resident voice in the community investment process.
Charlottesville, VA United States

UCF Rosen College Hospitality Management
Cultural heritage education for disadvantaged groups: A smart technology toolkit
To characterize the disadvantaged groups and their needs in China cultural heritage and develop a smart technology-based toolkit to enhance cultural heritage education for the disadvantaged.
Orlando, FL United States

United States International University-Africa
Values-driven technology use and technology surveillance
The use of new data sets such as social media or payment processor data, to understand the relationships between people’s political and charitable contributions and values tied to such habits.
Nairobi, Kenya

University of Peshawar
Sector Advancement
Women Entrepreneurship through Information & Communication Technologies (WE-ICT)
Developing entrepreneurial, learning, trading, and marketing open source and crowdsourcing platform for facebook/IT based small, and mid businesses mainly owned by women in deprived regions.
Peshawar, Pakistan

WeMove Europe
Sector Advancement
Tools for mass-managing member privacy related data
Project aims at providing affordable and efficient way of managing personal data consents and purposes in medium size civil society organisations, especially in campaigning workflows.
Berlin, Germany

WSD Handa Center for Human Rights & International Justice
Sector Advancement
Toward a Data-Driven Effort to Combat Human Trafficking in Indonesia and Beyond
This project supports an evidence-based anti-trafficking movement equipped with good, responsible data to help practitioners understand the issue holistically and evaluate interventions for efficacy.
Stanford, CA United States