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Jess Freaner

Jess Freaner is a Data Scientist at Datascope Analytics, a Chicago based data science consultancy, with a love of bourbon, coffee, and visualizations. As co-organizer of Women in Machine Learning for Data Science Chicago (WiMLDS) and Data Science Chicago Meetup, she understands the importance of fostering community and supporting socially-conscious analyses. Her passions drive her to tinker and create while both on and off the clock, whether that means whipping up something new in the kitchen, DIY-ing a costume, or getting down and dirty with some data.

Posts by Jess Freaner

Social media data for social good: The pros and cons

With each passing day, new technologies crop up and become integral parts of our social media-entrenched, smart device-embedded lives. When we use these new technologies, we trade access to our intimate moments for convenience and entertainment. The petabytes of data generated by each waking (and sleeping!) nanosecond are a treasure trove for the companies that […]

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