Jos Berens

Jos Berens is Data Policy Officer at the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs’ Centre for Humanitarian Data in The Hague. The Centre’s mission is to increase the use and impact of data in the humanitarian sector. The Data Policy work stream is focused on developing processes and practices for how OCHA handles data as the coordinator of humanitarian response. Prior to joining the Centre, Berens organized the International Data Responsibility Group from the Centre for Innovation at Leiden University. He has collaborated and published with various international organizations, universities and think tanks. Berens’ work revolves around the ethical and legal considerations associated with the use of digital data for crisis-affected people. Berens holds an LLM in Public International Law from Utrecht University and a BA in Philosophy of a Specific Discipline from Groningen University.

Posts by Jos Berens

Data Incidents: Design With Responsibility in Mind

Stuart Campo and Jos Berens of UNOCHA explain how organizations can manage effectively when data goes wrong.

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