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The Data Movement

Does Markets for Good count as a social movement? Surely it cannot compare to the great social movements of the 20th century in terms of moral resonance or aspiration towards greater human dignity. But it is a collective, decadal effort to build a better world; perhaps someday history will judge…

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Jacob Harold on GuideStar and Digital Infrastructure

MARKETS FOR GOOD: If we were to take the financial markets as a model, how could the social sector avoid the market disruptions we have become so familiar with in the current global economy? JACOB HAROLD: Well, I’d argue that the financial markets might actually be the wrong model. I’d…

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The New GuideStar Nonprofit Profile

I’m excited to announce a major milestone in GuideStar’s history. GuideStar’s vision is to drive philanthropy by increasing nonprofit data collection, distribution, and innovation. Today, we take a giant leap toward further achieving that vision. I am happy to officially debut our completely redesigned GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles. We started this…

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