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David Henderson

David Henderson has worked in a range of positions in the social sector, providing direct services to low income and unhoused adults and families, operating a non-profit organization, and consulting with various social sector organizations. For eight years, David ran a social sector technology and data consultancy called Idealistics Inc. David regularly writes about the sector on his blog Full Contact Philanthropy.

Posts by David Henderson

The Democratization of Evaluation

  A few weeks ago Andrew Means wrote a provocative piece about the ‘Death of Evaluation’ here on Markets for Good. Andrew and I had a bit of a back and forth in the comments section of his post, and others have written responses to Andrew’s arguments on this blog as well. Since Andrew’s original […]

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Talent, Not Technology, Is The Key To Better Evaluation

Rounding out our conversation on evaluation is this view from the standpoint of technology, by David Henderson, founder of Idealistics. If technology is a tool, then we might reframe the new fixation on data and tech by recognizing that tools don’t build houses. People do. David goes deeper on the topic to argue for a […]

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“Markets for What?”: Refining Our Questions Before Defining The Data

In this edition of “Notes From The Field,” David Henderson speaks on how better data can actually lead to greater impact, by examining a critical assumption behind the request for better data: that it lands in the hands of skilled users. This isn’t a point to leave at assumption. I wouldn’t assume that buying Usain […]

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